The New Age

Czy "New Age"  zabrania homeopatii członkom Kościoła Katolickiego ?

Cytat z New Age :

2.2.3 Health: golden leaving

"advertising connected with New Age covers a wide range of practices as acupuncture, biofeedback,
chiropractic, kinesiology, homeopathy, iridology, massage and various kinds of 'bodywork,' (such as
orgonomy, Feldenkrais, reflexology, Rolfing, polarity massage, therapeutic touch, etcetera), meditation and
visualization, nutritional therapies, psychic healing, various kinds of herbal medicine, healing by crystals,
metals, music, or colors, reincarnation therapies, and, finally, twelve-step programs and self-help groups."
Nie wyglada to na zakaz !!!!
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